James Deen Creates 'World's Most Expensive Poutine' on WoodRocket

LOS ANGELES — WoodRocket on Monday announced the latest episode of "James Deen Loves Food" entails Deen creating the “World's Most Expensive Poutine."

WoodRocket.com, the website behind "SpongeKnob SquareNuts 2" and "Topless Girls Reading Books," filmed Deen making the almost $500 French-Canadian comfort food that typically consists of french fries, curd cheese, and gravy. But on "James Deen Loves Food" nothing is ever done typically, WoodRocket said.

In this episode, the XBIZ Award-winning host Deen works with popular artist, Luke Chueh, to build the artistic and record-breaking “World's Most Expensive Poutine” out of duck fat french fries, filet mignon, gourmet cheeses, gravy made from fine wine, and more.

This episode of "James Deen Loves Food" is sponsored by HotMovies.com.

To see the safe-for-work trailer, visit JamesDeenLovesFood.com.