Baci Lingerie Hosts Biannual Customer Appreciation Dinner

LAS VEGAS – Baci Lingerie gathered its U.S. retail customer base for its appreciation dinner party tonight, a biannual event held at Buzio’s Seafood Restaurant on the evening before the official start of the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas.

The invite-only event was attended by Baci Lingerie execs and sales force, including Tori Mazakas and Jessica Luna, and director of global sales and operations Christian Savoie. Guests included an assortment of retailers and industry notables, including Lovehoney co-founder Neal Slateford, and Baci’s global partners Michael Banks from Lingerie Logistics in Australia, and U.K. partners Dave and Kevin from Kevco.

During the dinner, Adella Curry, Baci Lingerie’s PR executive introduced Baci Lingerie owner Frank Koretsky to the podium for a speech, and noted his commitment to philanthropy and strong women, “like you,” that’s represented through the brand’s sexual-empowering styles.

Liz Tillman, from Fantasy Gifts in Minnesota, echoed the sentiment, noting the brand’s accessibility.

“It’s the perfect blend of quality and affordability,” she said, adding that the Dreams Collection of bedroom costumes is among her store’s bestsellers.

XGEN President Andy Green received a personal thank you from Koretsky, who said Green “took Baci to another level.” Mazakas also received a acknowledgement for her dedication. “She’s been with me since the beginning,” Koretsky said, also thanking and recommending’s Jamie Horne, and ECN’s Ken H, for their work.

“We have a lot of plans for 2014, starting with our Corsets by Baci line,” Koretsky said. “We’re trying to cross the line a little bit – mixing professional with sexy, erotic looks. With this line we’re going to expand beyond the adult arena. Our other cross-over line is the Fetish by Baci collection. These cross-over lines are going to be very interesting for us this year.

“We couldn’t do this without you guys, we really appreciate your business and support,” Koretsky said to Baci’s retailers. “We’re going to continue to support the retailers with our fulltime PR firm. What that means for you retailers is that you can go to Baci through XGEN or directly, and we’ll support you guys on many levels whether it’s marketing or POS material. These things will increase your margins.”

During the event, Baci Lingerie teased attendees with a preview of Baci Lingerie’s newest offerings with two lingerie-clad models wearing styles that will be presented at the company’s revamped and relocated booth at ILS. Sporting a monochromatic look, ECN’s Ken H. told XBIZ that the theme of the booth follows a “good versus bad” theme with the new Fetish by Baci collection serving as the darker, naughty opposite to Baci’s primarily angelic aesthetic.

The dark section of Baci’s booth will showcase the Fetish collection’s edgy styles, which are separated into graduated series that introduces users to soft BDSM themes and then takes them deeper into the fetish world with stronger, kinkier styles.