Fun Factory Releases new Smartballs Display

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Fun Factory has released a new display solution for its Smartballs, a clear acrylic stand that resembles the female anatomy.

The display features a slot for the Smartballs to sit, demonstrating their placement in the vagina.

Emile Rosanvallon, director of marketing at Fun Factory USA says, “After the success of the acrylic Stronic swing display, we created an equally functional and aesthetically pleasing design for the Smartballs display. This new Smartballs holder, while very elaborate, still allows shoppers to pick up the product and touch the Smartballs before deciding to purchase them.”

The complete merchandising kit for Smartballs also includes an educational shelf talker and 50-page booklet, “55 facts of Smartballs.” This booklet illustrates step-by-step use of Smartballs as well as scientific, historical and celebrity quotes related to the pleasures of sex and the importance of strong pelvic floor muscles.

According to the company, the shelf talkers are meant to be educational and serve as sales aid for the retail staff. They are designed to blend into the retail environment and be aesthetically pleasing.  Merchandisers can customize how they use these shelf talkers, as they are fully adjustable, removable and six inches in diameter. They do not take up any space on the shelves by mounting on the edge of the shelves.  

Fun Factory launched its latest model of Smartballs with a new ergonomic shape.  The Kegel exerciser has been refined to a teardrop shape for easier insertion and retrieval. The technology used remains unchanged. Smart balls are made of 100 percent medical grade silicone and are available in both UNO and DUO models, with one or two balls.