PornTeam Inks Distro Deal With Breed Me Media

Lila Gray

SAN FRANCISCO — PornTeam has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Breed Me Media and is poised to release their 21st title, “Breed Me Media 22: Big Bareback Cocks,” which is in line with the studio’s hallmark theme of bareback breeding.

Christopher Kren, president and CEO of PornTeam, says he’s enthusiastic about the pairing. “Breed Me Media is one of the few studios that's doing what they do. It's good wholesome family entertainment that you can drink with a straw,” he said. “We've worked with them on other projects in the past and it's always been a great experience. I'm stoked to have them back under our umbrella of studios and titles.”

“Over the past ten years, I've had PornTeam carry my other brands with great success,” said Tyler Reed, CEO of Breed Me Media. “I'm looking forward to what their team can do with Breed Me Media.”

Reed has been in the adult industry as both a producer and a performer since 2000. In 2007, he formed Breed Me Media, followed the next year by, which is maintained by MyGayCash. He conceived the site based on his observation that some porn wasn't giving certain audiences what they wanted.

“I love creating bareback content for all the nasty raw pigs out there,” Reed said. “My studio is practically the only one that produces content where the top actually 'breeds' the bottom.”

“Raw Tattoo Boys” is scheduled for a March release, followed by “Breed Me Media 22: Big Bareback Cocks,” slated to be released in April.

For sales and ordering information, retailers and independent distributors can contact Michael Greig of PornTeam at (888) 999-2450 or direct at (707) 664-9398.