Video: FOX's 'The Americans' Talks to Industry Chiefs

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Noted Detroit journalist Charlie LeDuff sat down with three of adult’s most prominent personalities for his special FOX News “The Americans” series, focusing on what he calls the “Porn-Apocalypse.”

Giving their opinions on the dubious state of the industry were Hustler founder Larry Flynt, Vivid Entertainment boss Steve Hirsch and legendary performer Ron Jeremy, among others.

The report is not news to anyone in adult, what with chatter about dwindling sales, piracy and Measure B challenges. But the notable bright spot was how the business is once again adapting and finding new paths for success.

Flynt, called “the godfather of porn” by LeDuff, talked about Hustler’s move into gaming and broadcasting while Hirsch hammered home the importance of providing unique content like celebrity sex tapes, swinger content and superhero parodies in order to keep their businesses alive.

LeDuff is best known for his “street savvy" reporting. He collared Jeremy on the streets of Los Angeles who had a more somber reaction. The everyman star said that porn is virtually going out of business because of free content, and citing heavy competition from Asia, Europe and Scandinavia that’s forcing the “outsourcing” of domestic porn.

Responding to the Measure B controversy, Hirsch noted that there are normally about 600 adult film permits filed in Los Angeles annually, but last year there were only three.

Alt star Joanna Angel voiced her opposition to the condom law and said the move was created just to make money and has nothing to do with safety.

Despite the reporter’s gloomy take on the state of adult he admitted that porn is now mainstream, noting that 90 percent of young American men, and 60 percent of young American women have viewed adult content. He even lightened the report with a mock porn film audition and said as long as there’s a buck in it, porn will continue to be made.