U.K. Sex, Relationship Coach Launches New Site

UNITED KINGDOM — U.K. sex and relationship coach Rachel McCoy has launched her website called Inspiring Sexuality, which can be found at RachelIS.com.

The website features a Master Class for men and women that teaches sexual techniques, to build confidence and communication skills. Personalized coaching also is available to help visitors address sex and self-esteem issues. RachelIS.com also offers online workshops for visitors to improve sexual skills, techniques and confidence levels.

Inspiring Sexuality first launched in 2012 as an online portal to discuss sexuality and relationships for both women and men. Rachael also created unique online workshops teaching better sex and sexual techniques in specific areas so viewers can watch and learn along with her in the comfort of their own home.

McCoy specializes in teaching and demonstrating sexual techniques where people can learn practical advice as well as theoretical, including confidence and communication strategies within relationships.

First inspired by the sex and relationship field in 2007, McCoy then began conducting workshops for women with the aim of teaching women about themselves and how to communicate their feelings with their partner. McCoy has worked with pleasure products companies, and also has previously hosted her own online show where she discussed the benefits of products.

Last year, McCoy served as the official sex and relationship coach for Erotica, a U.K. lifestyle show, where she first presented her master class series. In 2013 she also spoke at the 2013 Love, Sex and Intimacy Fair in Brighton, where she held practical sexual technique workshops and conducted her talks on “positive sexual confidence.”