Adult Drop Shipper Prepares for Week-Long Show Tour

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. — Adult Drop Shipper, the award-winning fulfillment and e-commerce division of IVD and ECN, is embarking on a week-long show circuit that includes attendance at The Phoenix Forum and a debut exhibit at the International Lingerie Show.

ADS says it plans on introducing an array of new features and services to industry pros.

Kicking things off, ADS’s white label e-commerce program returns as a sponsor at The Phoenix Forum, March 27-29. Once again, the MyFreeSexStore crew will be hosting an exclusive party at Babe’s Cabaret in Scottsdale, Ariz., for all TPF attendees.

During the show, ADS Director Jamie Horne and his associates will be showing new and existing affiliates the new additions to the program. Customizable wish lists, integrated domain name assignment tools and 24-7 customer support are just a few on the list of growing features offered by the company’s free webstore program.

Immediately following the stint in Phoenix, the ADS crew will pack up and head to Las Vegas for the International Lingerie Show. Shifting gears to cater to the ILS audience, ADS staff will be taking appointments with retailers and vendors looking to expand their businesses with dvd, novelty and lingerie drop-shipping, as well as their compliment of web store platforms. In addition to MyFreeSexStore, the provider also offers custom websites from Adult Drop Shop, a non-affiliate program.

“This is going to be a very exciting week for us,” Horne said. “Being able to offer so many different solutions really allows us to serve a really wide customer base. From internet-only businesses like cam and content providers to brick-and-mortar retailers to entire brands, Adult Drop Shipper has a program for everyone in the adult industry.”

Adult Drop Shipper will have a full exhibit within the all-new IVD andECN space at the show, booth number 633.

Adult Drop Shipper is the fulfillment and e-commerce provider for IVD, ECN and XGEN Products, offering a range of services for all adult businesses.

For more information, email , visit, or call (800) 999-2483, ext. 1552.