Empowered Products Expands Pink to U.S. Regional Chain

SAN ANTONIO — Empowered Products has announced that regional U.S. grocery chain H-E-B will be offering Pink Silicone, Pink Water and Pink Indulgence Cream in its stores throughout Texas.

H-E-B already offers their customers our Gun Oil H2O personal lubricant, and the new Pink additions will complement it, the company says.

Scott Fraser, president and CEO of Empowered Products, said, "In addition to our ongoing expansion with the national chains, we are equally excited about our continued growth within the regional chain sector. We are pleased that H-E-B will now be offering PINK, as well as Gun Oil H2O, to customers throughout the great state of Texas."

Based in San Antonio, Texas, H-E-B is a regional grocery chain with more than 350 stores in Texas and Mexico with sales of more than $19 billion. Recognized for its fresh food, quality products and community service, H-E-B employs more than 80,000 partners serving millions of customers in 150 communities.

In total, Empowered Products are now available at more than 21,000 retail locations in more than 30 countries spanning four continents. It includes national chains, regional chains such as H-E-B, and adult-product venues.