Red Apple Media Announces ‘Media Vault’ Upgrade

SAN DIEGO — Red Apple Media announced that has completed an upgrade to its Media Vault storage system.

The company said the improvement now makes it easier to keep data and assets protected in the event of a natural disaster.

Media Vault gives clients an a la carte cloud-based solution — without the requirement of a hosting contract — that stores their assets long term in a high-security protected data center with triple redundancy. If one circuit goes down, another immediately takes over, and a battery backup system provides power until a generator kicks in, which functions until power is restored.

“Media Vault is an affordable, manageable and fully compliant disaster recovery solution that incorporates storage solutions, replication, remote backups, updates and geo-redundancy,” said Steven Daris, CEO and co-founder.

He added, “And this kind of cloud solution is simply faster, more reliable, more cost-effective and easier than ever to take advantage of, especially when coupled with a managed dedicated hosting plan. Everything is taken care of under one umbrella so our clients don’t have to worry with the hassle and expense of building their own infrastructure.”

Red Apple noted that online business owners often feel confident keeping their data on an external hard drive, updated daily and locked up in a safe outside of their offices, while others depend on online storage systems to store their video and photo files out of physical harm’s way. But should a server fail, or an external backup get damaged or stuck in an inaccessible location, clients risk not only losing their media, but also their accounting, email and personal files.

“Our data centers have fuel contracts that are on par with those at government buildings and hospitals, which guarantees that the generators’ fuel supply is replenished with the same frequency,” Daris said. “This kind of high-level protection offers valuable protection and peace of mind and will make sure your online business remains up and running no matter what might happen to your hard drive.”

For more information on the system call Daris at (888) 321-6239, or email