CockyBoys Drops 3rd Installment of 'Answered Prayers'

Lila Gray

NEW YORK — Jake Jaxson has dropped the third installment of its miniseries, “Answered Prayers.”

Part 3: “The Bully” is now exclusively playing on and features exclusive performers Chris Harder, Dillion Rossi, Levi Karter and Bravo Delta.

As described in The Village Voice, “Answered Prayers” is a 21st century morality play that explores the inner-workings of everyday human archetypes and the fears that haunt them.

In the latest installment of the five-part mini-series, Chris Harder's character, Sebastian Caine, has been living a double, hypocritical life. 

By day, he is a tightly wound TV pundit preaching anti-gay conservative rhetoric, but by night he's sucking off his personal masseur.

Enter Puck, Luck and Abel, an eccentric trio of brothers who are playful in spirit, mischievous in nature and wild at heart. They use Sebastian's repressed desires (which include rope, tape and even saran wrap) to expose him as a master of lies by filming him thoroughly enjoying every sexual thing they do to him.

"Have you ever found yourself yelling at your TV screen (or computer), 'Liar? Asshole? Hypocrite?' when you see that political or public figure up at the mic trying to defend the seemingly indefensible?” director Jake Jaxson said. “Lest we forget Ted Haggard, the wealthy televangelist caught booty-bumping meth with a male escort. Or Larry Craig, the right-wing senator who pled guilty to cruising in an airport bathroom. Or George Alan Rekers, the southern Baptist minister who hired a rentboy to help him ‘carry his luggage.’

"When I see these guys up on the stage, on TV — with their holier-than-thou smug faces, moralizing for profit and ambition — my mind races and wanders and I daydream, wishing that a sex tape depicting exactly what they are preaching against would fall out of the sky and magically broadcast itself uncensored on Fox News/ Sadly, that never happens. But time and time again, these moralizers for profit face disgrace, for it is always the hubris of a hypocrite that will do them in."

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