Topco Sales Expands Average Joe Line

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales expands the Average Joe line to include vibrating and warming versions of its popular dong collection.

Consumers can now select from up to 18 different types of Average Joes in different shapes and colors to fit different fantasies. To view the catalog of Average Joes, click here.

“Topco Sales know consumers enjoy average sizes so now they offer 18 different versions of the Average Joe dong, including six new realistically sized toys that vibrate and a version that is both vibrating and warming,” the company said. “Each package comes with a unique story and biography of the average sized man and his above-average sized personality — a fantasy everyone can enjoy.”

The Average Joe line includes designs based on occupations such as “The Mechanic, Andy,” “The Lawyer, Terrence” and “The Musician, Dwayne.”