Girlfriends Films, Hustler Video Strike Distro Deal

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Girlfriends Films has inked a deal with LFP Video Group to distribute its complete line of Hustler Video, VCA and HIS DVDs.

The distribution pact starts next Wednesday and the first two titles to be released under the deal will be "Porno Pirates of the Pacific," starring Jessica Ryan, and the Axel Braun parody "This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX."

“We’re pleased and excited to extend our relationship with Girlfriends Films," Hustler President Michael Klein said.  ”Their sales and marketing expertise have earned them a preeminent position in the DVD marketplace, which we know will serve us well.”

Girlfriends Films Owner Moose said: "Hustler is the most established and respected brand in adult entertainment, thanks to the trailblazing efforts of Larry Flynt, one of our industry's most respected leaders."

"Our industry owes Hustler a debt of gratitude, and Girlfriends Films very much enjoys our cable-broadcast partnership with Hustler. So, taking on the opportunity to further build their brand is much like returning favors."

It's not the first distribution deal between the two companies.

Last fall, LFP Broadcasting and LFP-operated New Frontier Media launched a standalone video-on-demand channel based on Girlfriends Films' library of lesbian-themed adult content. LFP Broadcasting, which owns Hustler TV, purchased New Frontier Media in November 2012.

Girlfriends Films was founded by Dan O'Connell in 2002.

In January, it was announced that Moose had purchased O'Connell's interest in the company and that O'Connell would retain ownership of Groundwork Visions, the production company behind his Girlfriends movies to date, while entering into an arrangement to continue shooting movies exclusively for the studio.

Girlfriends Films operates a large facility in Valencia, Calif, just 25 minutes north of Porn Valley. Its 37,000-square-foot facility includes movie production and post-production, sales and marketing, Internet sites and its new Girlfriends Films channel.