Vivid Set to Release New Phil Varone Swingers' Film

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Entertainment is set to release “100% Real Teen Swingers: Atlanta,” at on March 11, the latest movie in Phil Varone’s series.

The movie will be in stores nationwide on March 25.

Vivid said Varone, the Saigon Kick and former Skid Row drummer and star of VH1’s “Celebrity Sex Rehab,” takes viewers on an intimate tour to meet a group of Atlanta’s most active and engaging teen swingers.

The Vivid movie shows Varone being welcomed to a party of local teen swingers organized by Addie Juniper, an Atlanta model and enthusiastic proponent of “The Lifestyle” shared by couples and singles.

Juniper introduces viewers to the self-named “Juniper Generation” that includes Penny Jean, Dakota, Amai, Pink Berri Kerri, Conor and CJ. 

“Teen swinger groups and clubs are easy to find and join in Atlanta, and we discovered the best of them,” Varone said. “This town is the epitome of the new generation of young swingers showing up in cities all over the U.S. These teens are hot and open minded and they just love to have a good time without hang-ups or drama.”