Video: Belle Knox Appears on 'Piers Morgan Live'

LOS ANGELES — Belle Knox, the Duke University freshman who was "outed" as a porn star in February, appeared on CNN's "Piers Morgan Live" last night for a candid interview.

“You are probably … the most infamous student in America,” Morgan began. “How do you feel about that?”

“It’s pretty absurd,” Knox replied.

“If I was just another college girl that does porn, this would have been like a day of news,” Knox speculated. “But I think because I came out in defense of myself, and because I really talked about how much porn empowered me, and I really told my story, I think that’s what set this story apart.”

The interview mostly served to reiterate Knox’s defense of her adult work, describing the “freeing” sexual autonomy that porn affords her. She restated her belief that modern society, and Duke in particular, is stifled by sexual repression.    

“I think it’s extremely hypocritical that the same society that consumes me is also condemning me,” she said.

However, being in the limelight has had its detriments. Knox ruefully told Pierce that she “can’t really go out anymore ... to a lot of parties or gatherings” because of the hostility she faces from peers.

Yet, when asked whether she regretted the immense publicity surrounding her story, Knox deflected the question and offered a surprising, alternative regret.

“I regret not telling my family from the get-go. I think that was a really big mistake,” she said. “I think that not telling your family when you’re doing sex work, it’s a very isolating experience.”

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