Liberator Debuts Talea Spreader Bar Bolster

Lila Gray

ATLANTA — Adult manufacturer Liberator Inc. today released a new product, the Talea Spreader Bar Bolster.

The Talea is essentially a supportive, polyurethane foam bolster built around a high-impact PVC rod. At five inches in height, the Talea provides lift when placed under the hips, knees or neck, while facilitating a variety of sexual postures and positions.

According to the design team, the Talea was created with the intent of mitigating accidental bruises, pains and clanging sounds associated with traditional metal spreader bars. 

“We are so excited about this revolutionary product,” Liberator Founder and CEO Louis Friedman said. “We have taken the spreader bar out of its niche past of discomfort and injury and brought it into the future, where it can be enjoyed by all. This is a truly unique idea.”

Available in black, maroon and gray, the cover is a soft, faux rubberized leather that minimizes slippage and easily wipes clean, the company says. 

The ballistic nylon end caps are outfitted with four D-ring connectors that are compatible with Liberator’s leather cuff kits and other types of restraints. It also features four snap clips to work with Liberator’s microfiber cuff kits, designed for increased comfort. The company notes that cuffs can be substituted for ropes and sashes as well.

“The Talea is the beginning of an exciting new creative direction for Liberator,” Friedman added. “We are updating our brand visuals through glamorous, fashion-inspired photography and artful illustrations for our position guides. This new look was perfect to launch with the Talea, as it is just as forward-thinking as our new design.” 

The 30-inch spreader bar bolster is vacuum compressed in artfully erotic packaging, and comes with assembly instructions and illustrations of sexual positions and techniques.

For additional information, contact Liberator at 1-866-542-7283