Bathmate Goes After Counterfeiters

NEW YORK — Ultramax Products, the parent company of Bathmate/Hydromax, says it has succeeded in removing another counterfeiter from the market.

According to the company, Yueqing Parber Electrical Co. was the biggest seller of Bathmate counterfeits on Josh Tomlinson, Bathmates/ Hydromax  said the brand’s trademarks and patent were presented to Alibaba.

“The trademarks and patent are protected worldwide, so I can file a report against any items infringing on our intellectual property rights and have them removed from the site,” he said. “Alibaba were very helpful and now I have a solid working relationship with them, making it much easier to protect the brand and illuminate companies coping there anyone else copying the Bathmate brand will be removed quickly.”

According to the company it is currently scrutinizing all auction sites worldwide for counterfeiters.