Film 'Dear Jiz' Wins CineKink Best Short Film

NEW YORK — Feminist erotic filmmaker Ms. Naughty's film "Dear Jiz" has jointly won Best Short Film at the 2014 CineKink erotic film festival in New York, the producers announced.

The short, starring genderqueer star Jiz Lee, is an exploration of how porn can have a positive impact on those who view it. The film features Lee luxuriating and masturbating in a bath, accompanied by a variety of fan letters read aloud. The voiceover reveals the multiple ways that Lee's work has encouraged, emboldened and aroused their fans.

"I'm so immensely proud of this film and what it represents," director Ms. Naughty said. "I've been at screenings where people are quite emotional afterwards, which is unusual for an erotic film. Jiz Lee has a way of reaching out to people that is quite unique and I'm honoured to have collaborated with them on this project."

The film was shot in Toronto on the day of the Feminist Porn Awards in 2013. It features several underwater shots achieved using an iPhone sealed in a ziploc bag. It is currently available at