Nalpac Offers Weekly Product Training Seminars

Lila Gray

FERNDALE, Mich. Following the success of its first-ever Product Training Seminar, the Nalpac team has announced forthcoming weekly seminars.  

Jackie and Roxanna from California Exotic Novelties helped kick off the new program yesterday, which was held at Nalpac's offices.They provided local Nalpac customers with the latest California Exotic items and gave them sales tips and in-depth information, including pricing, styles/colors available and how to use the product.

“Nalpac customers left our seminar excited to sell,” a Nalpac rep said, adding “Having a thorough understanding of the products on the shelves can allow a retailer to use different techniques and methods of presenting the product to customers. They felt more comfortable and confident in providing the correct information to their shoppers.”

Citing the enthusiasm and success seen at yesterday's event, Nalpac announced that every week it will offer its customers a Product Training Seminar hosted by a different vendor, featuring the company’s newest products in a fun environment.