Paradise Marketing Introduces Flavored ‘Condom Cocktails’

VISTA, Calif. — Paradise Marketing has introduced “Condom Cocktails,” a new condom collection that features flavors inspired by consumers’ favorite cocktails.

The company said that instead of using traditional candy-like varieties, it has infused its lubricated condoms with the tastes of Appletini, Piña Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri to give grown-up shoppers a modern flavored condom designed for a discerning palette.

“We wanted to create a line of condoms that feature hints of our favorite happy hour beverages, rather than sweet fruity flavors that dominate the product category,” CEO Dennis Paradise said.

He added, “It simply made sense to offer an alternative that would appeal to a wider range of adult shoppers, especially those who might not typically try a candy-flavored condom. So we sent out surveys and did our due diligence to choose the right flavor profiles and then replicate them — alcohol-free, of course — in the form of a water-based lubricated condom. And the customer response so far has been fantastic.”

Paradise Condom Cocktails are available in 40-count bowls for the nightstand or as a point-of-purchase display, with each condom individually packed for portability in a pocket or purse.

The company noted that the condoms are made of natural rubber latex, amply lubricated, and tested to exceed current U.S. FDA requirements.

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