Nalpac Gives Nod to Female Sales Force

Ariana Rodriguez

FERNDALE, Mich. — Nalpac says 2014 is shaping up to be “the year of girl power” as the distributor acknowledges the success of its female sales force comprised of Jane Kubiski, Pam Muzzarelli and Kim Parent.

“Knowledge is power and for retailers, product knowledge means more sales,” the company said. “To effectively sell products to a consumer a sales team must be armed with product knowledge that will address a shopper's needs. Having a sales team that is completely enthusiastic about products is a priority for Nalpac. Our account representatives know being excited and knowledgeable about products can help your store clerks better understand the products they are selling. A chain reaction of enthusiasm and knowledge, starting with your distributor.

“These three women know how important it is that retailers understand how a product is made, the value of a product and its brand, how a product should and can be used, and what products work well together.”

Kubiski has been part of the Nalpac team for 19 years; Parent has with the company for 14 years while Muzzarelli has nine years with Nalpac.