Baci Lingerie Wardrobes Model Rosalind Lipsett

Lila Gray

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Baci Lingerie was enlisted to provide wardrobe for Irish model Rosalind Lipsett’s recent Valentine’s Day photo shoot from photographer Toastycakes.

A preview photo of the sexy shoot was released online by culture, fashion and media site The luxury lingerie company dressed Lipsett in red and white hand-selected ensembles from its Black Label and White Label collections.

“If you thought the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was the hottest thing you’d see today, you are dead wrong because this photo of Rosalind Lipsett giving a lucky teddy bear a hug in Baci Lingerie is by far the hottest thing I’ve seen all year,” HollywoodTuna’s editor wrote, adding “Damn! I think I’m in love!”

In the featured photo, the Wilhelmina model clutches an oversized teddy bear, slightly obscuring her flirty red romper and red-topped fishnet thigh highs. Both Lipsett and the bear rock red satin bows, though to very different effects.  

“Dressing Rosalind in our collections for the Valentine’s Day photo shoot was a perfect match,” said Chrisitan Savoie, Baci Lingerie director of global sales and operations.“Valentine’s Day has become synonymous with lingerie, and we are glad for the opportunity to share our romantic and passionate styles with visitors to” curates Hollywood news and gossip, and features lightly erotic model galleries.  

To view a preview photo from Lipsett’s photo set, featuring Baci Lingerie, click here.