Red Apple Media Providing 'True Streaming' Demo

SAN DIEGO — Red Apple Media has released a new demo video for its Media Commander product that shows content providers how they could offer members a “Netflix experience” using adaptive bit rate streaming, aka true streaming.

Accessible in the “cloud,” the company said its streaming technology can be installed on any hosted site and is compatible with any CMS, including MAS, for seamless integration.

The technology provides adaptive bit rate streaming through JW Player on both mobile and desktop devices. Media Commander software also supports FlowPlayer, Silverlight and more.

Red Apple said users can experience the same smooth viewing experience they enjoy with Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube. The online tutorial shows content providers how they can quickly and easily switch from sluggish progressive without changing anything else about how they run their sites.

“Adaptive bit rate streaming is much more complex than what most content providers — and even some hosting companies — are used to, and it’s common to assume it’s beyond their financial and technological capabilities,” said Remik Kolodziej, CTO and co-founder.

He added, “So we created Media Commander, a web-based platform that makes it fast and easy to publish true streaming video and can be implemented on any site regardless of where it’s hosted or what CMS it uses. And we do all of the work for you, so there’s no downtown, stress or hassle. Our new demo shows what a clear difference adaptive bit rate makes not only for the viewer, but for the content provider, too.”

True streaming through Media Commander uses only enough bandwidth for the parts of the videos watched, rather than delivering an entire file, saving owners money while preventing piracy and file-sharing, according to the company. Website owners can publish content with a convenient copy-and-paste format that supports FlowPlayer, JWPlayer, Silverlight and more, while benefiting from security that ensures only valid authorized members can access content.

Media Commander also offers reporting that gives site owners access to live data to monitor downloads, track bandwidth, and analyze popular videos and top users with the ability to drill down a user IP by date and time. Site owners can reduce bandwidth costs by fine-grain throttling and limiting the number of concurrent downloads per user or domain, while adjusting download rates based on membership levels for easy upsales.

For more information on the product, email, or call (888) 321-6239.