Huge Ape Opens B2B Division

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Huge Ape Media, a leading adult marketing and technology company, has announced that it has opened the doors of its new B2B division located in Newport Beach, Calif.

Huge Ape started as an affiliate marketing team and offers strategic marketing and optimization services, as well as business consulting specifically for the adult industry.

The Orange County-based division is led by Jim James, an adult industry business veteran and entrepreneur who has multiple ventures in and outside of the industry, including several B2B organizations.

"I'm excited to be able to bring some of the services that have done so well in helping mainstream Internet companies to the adult industry," Huge Ape Vice President James told XBIZ. "This decision itself is a testament to the growth of the adult industry, from a professional and business standpoint. Many companies in our industry are on the hunt for talent at the corporate level and most importantly are growing."

Huge Ape says it began helping studio owners and site operators with headhunting staff in 2007. The company reports that it has has since had several high-profile corporate hires within multiple corporate divisions including sales, marketing and technical developers.

"One of the keys in hiring for the industry is having an understanding of how unique the culture is within adult. We know what it takes because we're hiring for the same roles ourselves," James said. "Adult companies are very different, and despite how big the industry is, it is a very small business network where most people know each other. When we look outside of the industry to hire, there are certain individuals that would work and others that won't — what separates us is a solid understanding of how the industry works, and also a proactive approach to hiring."

Huge Ape made industry news when it signed an operating partnership agreement with adult entertainment tech conglomerate, Gamma Entertainment.

The two have worked in growth and strategy since 2010, and are currently involved in joint venture projects.

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