PornTeam, 'WOW Lucky Me Media' Ink Distro Deal

Bob Johnson

SAN FRANCISCOPornTeam has announced an exclusive distribution deal with Sydney-Australia-based WOW Lucky Me Media for its “Amateurs Do It” line.

The deal is for content from gay website

PornTeam said Amateurs Do It takes its shoots a step further than most other companies by holding back on over-editing and showing bloopers to cast a more realistic light on each scene.

PornTeam President and CEO, Christopher Kren, is optimistic that the line will be popular. “They take real guys and film them from start to finish. They come in, they can be awkward at first, they can be excited to be there and ultimately as they get more turned on, anything can happen. That's the beauty of this line,” Kren said.

He added, “You never know what to expect because it's not scripted and not edited down to some sort of glossy perfection. It's very much like what would happen if you picked up a guy on your own and brought him home. You might fumble the condom or say something you don't mean to say. It's all there and it's all real.”

WOW Lucky Me Media President and CEO, Peter Finch added that he is excited to be teaming up with PornTeam. “We are thrilled to be in partnership with PornTeam,” Finch said. “We are looking forward to working together with PornTeam and letting them market, distribute and sell our unique and exclusive Australian gay content DVD movies.”

Finch added that the Amateurs Do It brand takes time to get to know its amateurs and tries to team them up in duos, threesomes and groups.

“Aussie Amateurs Exposed Sex Bangs” and “Australian Amateur Random Fuck Buddies” are the two titles that are currently for sale through PornTeam. “Recruiting Australian Amateurs for Sex” and “Hung Aussie Dicks Under 25yo Amateurs,” are slated for release in early 2014.

For sales and distribution information call Michael Greig at (888) 999-2450 or (707) 664-9398, or email Finch at