Falcon Unveils 'California Dreamin’ 2'

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios has released its newest feature, "California Dreamin’ 2" to coincide with the launch of the new Falcon & Raging Stallion Store. 

Fans can see how the new release appears on the store by clicking here

The second of the two-part movie continues the classic Falcon throwback style helmed by Tony Dimarco. Exclusives Ryan Rose and Donnie Dean appear with Landon Conrad, Trenton Ducati, Angel Rock, Lance Luciano, Ray Han and the last release ever featuring Liam Magnuson.

Fantasies come to life when Dimarco’s vision of "California Dreamin' 2" mixes equal parts sunshine, swimsuits, sunscreen and a sparkling pool with eight studs.
"When creating porn you are creating a fantasy, 'California Dreamin’' is my fantasy," Dimarco said. "Soaking in the sun, listening to great music, dreaming of toned bodies and bulging swim suits, waiting for release. A throwback to a carefree era.  I was excited to have the opportunity to be able to recreate this fantasy with this amazing cast."

"These two movies join the list of recent hits that harken back to Falcon in its heyday," said Chris Ward, Falcon & Raging Stallion Studios president. "I’m very pleased about the quality of models and male erotica we’re producing. And, for the first time ever, the only two men ever given the honor of Falcon Man of the Year, Ryan Rose and Landon Conrad share a flip-flop scene which will go down as one of the best Falcon scenes ever filmed."

The performers in "California Dreamin’ 1 & 2" sported swimsuits by CA-RIO-CA WEAR, the Brazilian swimwear designer out of Rio de Janiero. Suits similar to those found in the two-part release can be found on the company’s website cariocawear.com and they are offering fans of Falcon & Raging Stallion $10 off any order over $50.

Fans can shop on the site and get the exclusive discount by using promo code Falcon10 from now until April 30, 2014 when the coupon expires.