SKWEEZ Media Launches Roku Channel

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — SKWEEZ Media has announced that all films available on its online adult network are now also available for viewing on home television screens via the Roku set-top box.

Dubbed “the iTunes of porn” by, SKWEEZ Media’s service reports to provide Netflix- and Hulu-like capabilities, offering an innovative approach to online adult video service platforms.

"We’re thrilled to be able to offer SKWEEZ Media films through Roku,” said Mike Kulich, SKWEEZ's executive vice president of content and marketing. “By offering our network’s films to be viewed on television screens, we invite fans of adult content to watch in the comfort of their living rooms rather than being tethered to their computers.”

A top streaming player in the U.S., Roku allows users to stream video from a wide variety of Internet sources to watch movies and TV shows, live sports, music, games and other content on-demand by connecting directly to TV sets via IPTV (Internet Protocol television) delivery systems.  

Current SKWEEZ Media users can install the Roku application and link their existing account by going to their account page, Kulich explained. Once the application has been installed, the user needs to run a Roku system update to complete the installation of the application on the Roku device. 

Scott Borden, SKWEEZ Media executive vice president of business development, offered his take on the development, “Integrating what is popular from an underground level, such as adult content, through mainstream channels such as Roku, allows adults to enjoy all entertainment avenues through one portal.

“Being able to access Hollywood films, network television episodics, music of all kinds and now, adult programming, through the television is a very thrilling development for SKWEEZ Media, and we encourage all fans of adult entertainment to utilize our network via their Roku set-top box.”