Pebbelz Da Model Convicted in Deadly Butt Injection Case

Lila Gray

JACKSON, Miss. — Adult star Pebbelz Da Model (nee Natasha Stewart) was found partially responsible for the death of Karima Gordon, 37, who passed away following a botched butt injection.

Stewart was convicted of negligent manslaughter after it was revealed that she accepted $200 for a referral to the injector and falsely represented the injector, Tracy Lynn Garner, as a nurse.

Originally Stewart was charged of “depraved heart” murder, which is defined as “callous disregard for human life” and carries a potential life sentence.

Now facing up to 20 years in jail, Stewart insists that she was only trying to help out Gordon, who she says desperately sought to augment her buttocks, as well as remedy a previously unsuccessful silicone butt enhancement. Gordon had written to her in an email, "I won't give up my mission to ultimately have a tastefully great butt enhancement."

The adult star also claims that she sincerely believed that Garner was an actual nurse, and had received the same butt injection from her more than 20 times over the last seven years.

However, the prosecution rejected her plea of naivety, asserting that it was obvious that Garner wasn’t legit, given that she used veterinary syringes to administer the injections and sealed them with glue and cotton balls.  

"She told me that she was an RN," Stewart testified.

Prosecutors said Gordon died after experiencing a silicone embolism in her lung about a week after getting the injections in 2012.

Garner, actually an interior/floral designer, has been linked to other botched butt injections, including one other fatal case. Her trial is slated for March.