WoodRocket's 'Stoya Does Everything' Premieres Tomorrow

Lila Gray

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — In WoodRocket’s latest web series, the indefinitely talented Stoya won’t do just anything — she’ll do “everything.” 

“Stoya is known for doing many things, like porn, writing, aerialist acrobatics, kitten wrangling, [and] she's great at them all,” WoodRocket’s Lee Roy Myers told XBIZ. “We knew that we wanted to work with Stoya on a WoodRocket series, but weren't sure what angle we should choose. So, we decided to choose them all. Why narrow down the choices of what we want to see Stoya doing? We want to see Stoya doing everything! And we knew that Stoya fans would want to watch the same thing.” 

And thus the aptly named “Stoya Does Everything” web series was born.

Besides drawing on her usual (but extensive) repertoire of talents, Stoya also gets up to unexpected adventures,  “some weird, some wild, some dangerous and some naked,” Myers explained.

Fans of the adorable pale starlet will get to see her ghost hunting, shooting guns, playing with kittens in lingerie, sex toy shopping, trying to be a wrestler and much more.

“You won't believe what she was willing to try,” Myers said. “In fact, she took a bullet in the chest for us. Literally! She is such a good sport. And did I mention that she also gets naked? Let me tell you, we have so much fun making this show. I think people are going to love it.”

The first episode of “Stoya Does Everything” will premiere on WoodRocket.com tomorrow, Feb. 13. Fans will then have to tune into WoodRocket to access its schedule of upcoming episodes.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Koga