First Mobile Cash Rolls Out Direct Carrier Billing in Mexico

Bob Johnson

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — First Mobile Cash announced today that is has expanded its direct carrier billing service for monetization of mobile traffic in Mexico.

The company said that by taking advantage of carrier billing connectivity, affiliates and traffic owners have an opportunity to monetize their mobile traffic via the highest converting billing method on mobile video pay sites with better conversions.

“With one of the highest growing smartphone penetration in Central America, Mexico is a very attractive market for us in terms of mobile traffic monetization. We are confident that our continuing efforts on the emerging markets where credit card penetration may be low but mobile usage is very high will be profitable for our affiliates and traffic owners,” managing director Pour said.

The company noted that direct carrier billing is an efficient method of mobile billing via a “friction-less” browser based transaction. Users pay for access to content via their mobile billing plans with their mobile operators rather than credit cards, or debit cards. Subscription charges for content are billed to user as part of their monthly bill if they’re on a contract, or instantly if they have a pre-paid account with their carrier.

More than 40 mobile operators in 12 countries currently use its payment connectivity and direct carrier billing, the company added.

For more information on the services, email Yarka Svalekova at, or Oliver Schaeffer at