Red Light Center Strikes Deal With Kiiroo

AMSTERDAM —Red Light Center has struck a deal with Kiiroo, a tech-forward Dutch company helmed by entrepreneur Toons Timmermans to offer a promotional price bundle.

The company’s signature products of the same namesake, the Kiiroo SVlr and Kiiroo OPue (for men and women respectively), is currently in development and actively raising funds on Indiegogo to put it in the hands of the general public, RTC reps said in their February newsletter.

RLC is offering those who preorder the device a $100 dollar discount on the device. Additionally, interested parties can purchase a one-month RLC UVIP membership for five extra dollars.    

Similar to AEBN’s now-defunct RealTouch device, the Kiiroo devices conform to the male and female anatomy — i.e. one is vaginal and one is phallic — and are intended to be used as interactive masturbators, with a virtual component.  

The Kiiroo pieces are equipped with eight sensors and accelerometers that measure speed and distance and are tethered together via the Kiiroo platform online. In theory, the movements made with one device (i.e., thrust speed and depth) will be felt by the other — across sea, land and cyberspace.

Altough the product can very much be used by established couples, what sets Timmermans’ product apart from similar products is that the Kiiroo will have its very own social (hookup) network, akin to Chatroulette.

Kiiroo's Indiegogo page states, "Social media, as it is now, only speaks to our eyes and ears. What if we could add touch to the equation? We feel that being able to touch your partner is a crucial part of what keeps a comfortable level of intimacy going throughout a long distance relationship."

Timmermans believes the forthcoming touch aspect of digital communication can be likened to the "third dimension."

To check out Kiiroo’s Indiedgogo campaign page, click here.