Cosmo Recommends Wand Essentials Flutter Tip Attachment

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.— XR Brands’ Wand Essentials Flutter Tip attachment has been recommended to Cosmo readers in its February “Fantasy Sex” Valentine's Day issue, touting the unique design for its cunnilingus-like sensation.

A design exclusive to the Wand Essentials line, the Flutter Tip is essentially a soft silicone “wing” that shivers and vibrates when the vibrator it’s attached to is turned on.

“Popped atop the Wand, it simulates cunnilingus,” the Cosmo editoral staff wrote.  “‘So soft, it felt like a fancy upgrade — even if my dachshund thought it was a new dog toy,” one reader, Emily, contributed.

Created in-house by XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad and his design team, the Flutter Tip has been added to the Wand Essentials lineup, which includes 18 other attachment accessories made for especially for wand vibe enhancement.

“Wand massagers remain one of the top-five best-selling products in retail stores worldwide and XR Brands created the Flutter Tip to make it easy for women to enjoy an entirely new sensation without having to give up their favorite go-to toy,” Alvstad said. “It’s very exciting to see the mainstream media has caught on, and we’re pleased to have been selected to be featured in this key issue.” 

The 18 pieces that comprise the Wand Essentials attachment collection fit over the signature bulbous head of any Wand Essentials brand, or other traditional, wand massager. According to the company, each  attachment is made with an ergonomic shape and features body-safe materials compatible with water- and silicone-based lubricants.

“We knew we hit it out of the park with the Flutter Tip and are proud to be the only company to offer it,” said Michael Merrill, XR Brands brand manager. “Attachment accessories are quickly becoming an integral part of the wand massager category and Wand Essentials is the only line that features dynamic designs packaged separately for cohesive display.” 

Wand Essentials uses feminine colors and soft accents to package its range, making it accesbile for lingerie boutiques and cross-marketing with non-adult outlets.

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