SpareParts HardWear Launches Valentine’s Day Giveaway

LOS ANGELES — SpareParts HardWear has announced a social media giveaway contest to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

The contest, which runs Feb. 10-14, will see the giveaway of one Bella harness and one Joque harness; the winner may select the size and color of their choosing, contest reps said. 

“We had such a great response to last year’s Christmas giveaway, so we decided to do it again to celebrate Valentine’s Day,” SpareParts HardWear Founder Tres said. “By offering both the ultra-femme Bella Harness and our flagship Joque harness as prizes, we know this contest will appeal to our fans during this romantic season. Good luck to everyone.”

For instructions on how to enter the harness giveaway contest, visit the company’s Twitter or Facebook page.

From SpareParts’ Couture Lingerie harness line, the feminine Bella features a lick of lace and removable garters, in addition to the classic O-ring. Two internal mini-vibe pockets (vibes not included) are stitched above and below the harness’ O-ring, just beyond direct bodily contact, to generate a pleasurable pulse for both partners, the company said.

The Joque is SpareParts’ first and signature harness. Designed as a jockey two-strap style harness, the form emphasizes comfort and flexibility. Like the Bella, the Joque now sports two internal mini vibe pockets. Company reps also noted that Joque’s ligthweight design and breathable fabric make it ideal for those who like packing.

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