Nasstoys Adds 3 Butt Plugs to RAM Collection

NEW YORK — Nasstoys has released three new Anal Trainer butt plugs that it says were designed with the beginner in mind.

All three shapes are encompassed by Nasstoy’s RAM Collection for men, and were unveiled last month at the ANME Founders Show in Burbank, Calif. Each plug is available in flesh tone or black, which the company says are the the two most popular colors for men.

"Instead of saturating stores with colors that won’t sell, we decided to keep our offerings to the colors that will move product and please the end-user," explained Kathryn Hartman, director of sales and marketing for Nasstoys. "Time has proven that flesh tones and black toys are the two best-selling colors among the male market, regardless of sexual orientation."

RAM Collection Anal Trainers #1, #2, & #3 each have a unique shape and are modest enough in size to appeal to a backdoor beginner. All three styles are made from 100 percent premium silicone and feature a strong retrieval ring.

"Whether it's a straight man who likes the idea of pegging or a gay man who wants to bottom but can't handle the discomfort, our Anal Trainer plugs can help him prime the area so intercourse will be more comfortable," Hartman said. "While he is preparing for the main event and showering, he can use one of these plugs to help relax the anus. So when it comes time to engage with a partner, he won’t ruin the moment squirming because it is uncomfortable." 

The new Anal Trainer plugs round out Nasstoys’ growing RAM Collection for men, that includes the Turbo Pump and Pleasure Pack, as well as classic Beaded Cockrings and Vibrating Penis Extenders. The collection also includes inflatable Anal Balloons and Vibrating Plugs that help anal novices take their play to the next level.

Nasstoys' RAM Collection Anal Trainers are now in-stock available. For more information or to place an order, email