Danny D Wins XBIZ Foreign Male Performer of the Year

LOS ANGELES — Danny D says he’s sorry for any commotion he may have caused last Friday night when he saw his name scroll across the big screen at the Century Plaza Hotel, where he was named the Foreign Male Performer of the Year at the 2014 XBIZ Awards.

“I must apologize for any shouting and ruckus,” Danny D told XBIZ Friday. “It was just amazing and we were so happy and excited and surprised.”

Decked out in a gray suit, the London-based performer could be seen jumping up and down and hugging his girlfriend Sophia Knight at his table as the winners were being announced.

It marked a notable breakthrough for D, who left his construction job seven years ago to take a shot at doing porn after his buddies urged him to try it.

“I’m kind of just working my way through the ranks now,” D said. “The last two years I’ve been traveling to America every month. I’ll do two weeks in America and two weeks in Europe just splitting my time between that.”

D for the past 18 months has been contracted by Brazzers to perform in at least 10 scenes per month in America. Though he remains a free agent overseas, he also works for Brazzers in Europe, too, doing between five and eight scenes a month for the company’s modest crew there.

“They give us quite a bit of work,” said D, the 26-year-old star who was born in Kent, England, which is just south of London.   

D said he has no idea how many scenes he’s logged since his career got started, but estimates it’s easily more than 1,000. His performing prowess already has taken him all over the world as he’s shot in Budapest, Prague, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

“And Russia twice,” D said. “Once to Moscow and once to St. Petersburg, and then Vegas every month. And L.A.”

Not bad for a guy who did his first scene with a small amateur company whose owner simply wanted him to fuck his wife. He still remembers hustling for any porn work he could find in the first few years.

Since then D has performed extensively for Harmony Films, Television X and Playboy UK, in addition to his growing resume with Brazzers. He said he got a break as the star of the “Whitezilla” series for Hush Hush Entertainment in 2010, the first of which was “Sorry Daddy, Whitezilla Split My Little Asshole,” which was filmed in Budapest. It was during the Whitezilla run when he thought he may have turned the corner.

“It took me a good few years to find my swing and where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be and to find my place in the industry,” D admitted. “It was around the time of Whitezilla when companies flew me around the world and I started seeing the clear possibility this could be my career.”

Now D said his next target is a regular gig as a director.

“Ideally, I’d like to continue performing as long as I can and move into directing,” he said. “I’ve done some with Playboy Plus and Playboy TV. I’m really technically geek-minded. I love talking about the cameras and stuff. It’s a tough gig, and I know I have to be able to make a big enough name for myself. So I’m going to keep plugging along and keeping my head down for now.”

D said one of the main perks of doing porn is “the lifestyle that it gives me.”

“Because it’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle, too,” he continued. “I have a lot of friends in the industry and I get to go to America every single month and do things my friends back home don’t get to do. It’s the stuff that they remind me of, that I’m living the dream. They keep it real for me. When they’re going to work at 6 in the morning five days a week and I’m just going to rail a beautiful girl. It doesn’t feel like I have a job.”   

Photo of Sophia Knight and Danny D by Jeff Koga.