Cayenne Klein Wins XBIZ Foreign Female Performer of the Year

LOS ANGELES — Hungarian star Cayenne Klein won the 2014 XBIZ Foreign Female Performer of the Year award last Friday at the 2014 XBIZ Awards in Century City, Calif.

Klein also performed in every scene of the 2014 XBIZ Award-winning European Non-Feature Release of the Year, “Cayenne Loves Rocco,” which also was honored at the gala ceremony at the Century Plaza Hotel. Rocco Siffredi produced, directed and co-starred in the title for his namesake production company that is distributed by Evil Angel.

Klein said she found out she won the Performer of the Year award after waking up at her home in Budapest on Saturday morning to a flurry of congratulations from her fans on Twitter.

“I was like, ‘Wow, this can't be for real,” Klein said. “I just couldn't believe it. I was so happy.”

She added, “I’m head-over-heels excited! I got so much love from fans over the years and now getting professional recognition like this is such an honor. I'm like, ‘OK, I must be doing something right then.’”

Klein started performing in adult movies in 2004 when she was 18, but she took a four-year break before making her way back into the business in 2013 and authoring some of the finest performances of her career.

“I think this was the year when I took everything more seriously than ever before,” Klein said. “After my break, I returned to the business ‘all grown up,’ with dedication and determined to succeed. Of course, it shows in the results.”  

The 27-year-old performer rose to the occasion for her first showcase title, “Cayenne Loves Rocco,” appearing in three hardcore sex scenes that each were distinctly different, yet equally intense.

“I'm just super blessed that Rocco put his trust in me to make a whole movie together. I love this movie!” she said.

Klein said she already started her victory celebration with her girlfriends this past week, “but we'll definitely have a party with Rocco and some good friends and colleagues when the awards arrive to Budapest. Can't wait!”

In the meantime, she intends to continue performing and also embark on the next major step in her career, revealing she’ll begin producing her own scenes in the springtime.

“My dream [for later this year] is to travel to places I've never been and blog about it,” Klein told XBIZ.