Nalpac Adds Iroha Collection

FERNDALE, Mich. — Nalpac has announced the addition of Tenga’s female line, the Iroha Collection, to its product lineup.

Tenga, known for its modern, clean designs, applies the same aesthetic to the Iroha brand and meshes it with a stylish Japanese twist. Using “Wa-modern” designs similar to traditional Japanese confectionaries, Iroha products feature a unique, soft material that "provides a supple texture and is kind, responsive and giving to touch," the company says. 

The Iroha line consists of three variations of a pastel-colored, palm-sized rechargeable vibrator: the Yuki, Midori and Sakura.

The Yuki model is white and snowman shaped and features a semi-insertable tip. Rounded and green, the Midori can be used as an all-over massager. The Sakura, cheery-blossom pink, allows you to strategically pinch errogenous zones with its indented tip.   

“[It’s a] fun, safe way to treat your body to the luxurious sensations it seeks,” a Nalpac rep said. 

Nalpac is a leading distributor of adult toys and novelties. For more info, contact Nalpac’s sales department at (800) 800-837-5946 or