XR Brands Revamps Website as Online Distributor Support Center

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands announced today the launch of its Distributor Support Center (DSC), an all-access online management tool.

The company said the offering puts product descriptions, price lists and catalog information in one easy-to-navigate website. Customers can find every item in the XR Brands roster and download support materials. They can also order directly through the website for a one-stop shop.

With the new search function, XR said users can find items by UPC code, SKU number, product name or even description and place items into customized product lists.

The sites’ software allows translation into 12 different languages and pricing conversation into eight different currencies, making it user-friendly for European, South American and other customers from overseas markets. In addition, the DSC provides downloadable demo videos, detailed descriptions, e-catalogs and UPC codes.

“We wanted to build a site that made a big statement, showing our distributors that their needs are our No. 1 priority,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad, said.

He added, “The site is robust with currency conversion, language translation, and links to each of our 16 brand’s e-catalogs. Now with more than 1,700 SKUs under our belt, it was important to organize our offerings and keep everything in one place so customers don’t waste time searching for what they need.”

The DSC also includes an extensive selection of visuals, including images of products in and out of packaging and dynamic demo videos usable to educate staff or motivate sales.

To register for the DSC and sign up for the XR Brands newsletter for product previews, new releases and special pricing deals visit XRBrands.com.