tyes.by.tara Unveils New Handcuff Design

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO — tyes.by.tara has announced the release of a new handcuff design called "tyecuffs."

The company said the product was developed following the demand for a more flirty and feminine twist on the traditional handcuff model.

“The new tyecuff design is catered to the adventurous female in mind who is looking to explore bondage while highlighting her feminine prowess,” founder Tara Christine, said. “One notable feature is that they do not look like handcuffs making them perfect for women with roommates or children."

Available in a range of materials and fabrics from marabou to lace, the tyecuff design has been integrated into all existing Entyece collections. Two double elastic loops easily slip over the wrists for quick employment.

All tyecuffs are handmade in the U.S.

For more information about tyecuffs, visit Entyece.com, email info@tyesbytara.com, or call (877) 595-8937.