Mariko Houle-Hébert Joins Coquette Sales Team

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Coquette International has announced the addition of Mariko Houle-Hébert as the company’s Quebec, Canada sales representative.

Houle-Hébert is returning to work with the Coquette team after leaving a couple of years ago to expand her experiences. Her former experience includes advertising with a daily newspaper, dabbling in management and operations, to more recently international sales.

“I am so excited to reconnect with my clients and continue growing their business together — sounds cliché but it’s true,” Houle-Hébert said. “The province of Quebec being my home, I love traveling and discovering this province as I visit my clients. I am definitely happy to be back within the Coquette family.”

Houle-Hébert will be traveling with the entire sales team at the end of March for the International Lingerie Show to meet up with many of her previous and new clients. The Coquette sales team is eager to have her back on board.

“Mariko is a fantastic part of this team and we are excited to have her back working with Coquette,” said national sales manager Dave George. “She has done an extremely great job in the past, and we know with her outgoing personality that she will continue to do well with us.”