Naughty America Now Accepting Bitcoin

SAN DIEGO — Naughty America is the latest adult company to bite on bitcoin payment.

CoinDesk reported that Naughty's network of more than 30 sites is now on board with Georgia-based BitPay.

“We’re in the business of helping people find their fantasies, and our goal is to turn that fantasy into reality without reality getting in the way. For us, that applies to how you’re going to process the transactions as well as the type of content that is available,”Naughty CEO and co-founder Andreas Hronopoulos told CoinDesk.

The report noted that the company's acceptance of bitcoin marks a turning point in the adult entertainment industry, noting that Hronopoulos is “bullish” about the crypto currency’s potential for adult, as well as how quickly the industry will adopt bitcoin on a large scale.

“I think it will become an industry-wide thing within 45 to 60 days … Naughty America really sets the bar for where the industry heads,” Hronopoulos said.

According to CoinDesk, 96 percent of bitcoin users are male, and that nearly half (46 percent) are not in a committed relationship, numbers that could mean a serious uptick in revenue for adult sites.

Hronopoulos noted that a major benefit of bitcoin – in addition to fighting piracy and its offer of user anonymity  – is its international appeal.

“In the United States, we can use our credit card to go out and buy things. We can go use our credit card to buy adult entertainment, we can use our checking account, all these different things. But, when it comes to these other countries … look at India, they don’t even have kissing in the movies. So, think about those countries and what could happen with something like bitcoin.”

The new move is in line with Naughty’s recent progressive actions that included a gift card exchange for memberships.

Responding to the possible pitfalls of the volatile currency, Hronopoulos said, ”If there are any problems in the beginning, we expect that they’ll work out: the ball is rolling.”