Rolls Out Native Russian, Portuguese Versions

PARIS — Leading mobile sponsor Affil4You has released new mirror sites in Russian and Portuguese to better cater to both countrys' native affiliates and consumers with an interface and support staff that fits their cultural parameters.

"It seems to me that calling these places 'emerging markets' isn't really accurate for modern mobile offers. These are markets that have now fully emerged and are ripe for monetization." said Joey Gabra of "We already work with some terrific people from Brazil, Portugal, Russia, as well as eastern European webmasters. Providing our platform in their preferred language will make the business we already do even broader and should also enhance our ability to bring in a larger, untapped pool of affiliate marketers as well."

The company points out that and other data aggregators continue to show strong growth in Internet usage by consumers who speak Portuguese and Russian. It added that Internal data compiled by Affil4You confirms that offers provided by marketers with native insight about the culture of each consumer population do better in the regions they represent.

"At the end of the day, it's a pretty obvious line of thinking," Gabra added. "People buy things from those they know and trust. A common language eliminated an important marketing barrier for local webmasters seeking to obtain traffic or monetize it effectively, and our decision to also remove any language barrier from the Affil4You program for our Portuguese and Russian speaking webmasters is something I'm confident will have a similar impact on a B2B level."

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