CarraShield Labs Offer New Divine 9 Retail Packages

ORLANDO, Fla. — CarraShield Labs, formerly known as Divine Corporation, has added two new retail packages for its signature personal lubricant, Divine 9.

Divine 9, made with a proprietary, hypoallergenic seaweed extract called Carragel, is now available in a 0.33 ounce (10 ml) single-use packet, as well as an eight-ounce (236 ml) pump top bottle. 

The company credits a series of independent, government-funded studies on HPV prevention using Divine 9 with Carragel for "creating the consumer demand for additional purchase options." It added that Divine 9 personal lubricants are the first-ever topical microbicide to undergo human clinical trials for their ability to prevent the transmission of HPV.

“Divine 9 generated record sales last year, due in no small part to the launch of the McGill University study on HPV prevention using Divine 9,” said Dean Fresonke, CEO of CarraShield Labs. “We are excited to provide our retail and distribution partners with these new options to grow their sales.”

According to the company, the single-use packets are optimal for travel and ship to retailers in a dispenser bin containing 50 packets, ideal for use at a checkout stand. The large, eight-ounce bottle is geared towards value-conscious consumers.

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