Sportsheets 'XO Crop' Featured in Cosmo Magazine

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets’ Sex & Mischief Collection was featured in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, touting the Studded “XO” Crop as an exciting instrument of painful pleasure, the company announced.

In a three-page feature dedicated to the tricks and tools for a sensational sex life, one reader shared her newfound appreciation of spanking and what the crop did for her relationship.

The Studded “XO” Square Crop features a two-sided design, one studded with an “O” shape for a spanking, stroking, caressing warm-up, and the other studded with an “X” to leave a lasting impression.

“I started with soft taps and built up to harder hitting,” reader Melissa E. wrote.“ He said it hurt…but didn’t care. The crop is high quality and made me feel powerful, and the studs added to the excitement. A little pain goes a long way to spike up your sex drive.”

The company said the crop caters to every sexual level and is the perfect product for couples exploring the art of spanking for the first time.

“Two Sportsheets recommendations in two consecutive Cosmopolitan magazines — it’s a pleasure to see so much attention being put on sex toys and how they can enhance our sex lives,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart, said.

She added, “The romantic holiday season is already upon us, so get creative with store displays and be sure to stock Sportsheets sexual positioning, soft bondage and fantasy accessories front and center — they’re the ultimate couples treat, and Cosmopolitan agrees.”

Stewart also suggested that couples try cooling the Crop in the freezer for "a brisk tingle." “And remember — crops aren’t only for spanking the behind. Remind shoppers to think outside the box and see what feels right for them," Stewart said.

The Sex & Mischief Studded “XO” Square Crop is part of Sportsheets’ crop collection, which recently was expanded to include four new Sex & Mischief designs and four new Sportsheets Premium styles.

For ordering and information, call (714) 698-0877, or email a Sportsheets’ preferred sales representative.