Ryder Skye Signs With Ideal Image Models

VENICE, Calif. — Performer Ryder Skye has signed on with Ideal Image Models to help her reignite her career, the star announced today.

Skye said she has been out of the game for a couple of years, but she’s eager to start up again.

“I really feel that Ideal has a good understanding as to what my goals are career-wise and were excited about the prospect of moving in that direction,” Skye said.

She added, “I have performed very little in the past few years for reasons beyond my control, so I want to re-establish myself as both a strong performer and actress. Having had a background of 15-plus years in mainstream acting, I’ve always enjoyed working with a script, so I'm hoping to land some roles to flex my actress muscles, too."

Skye will be in Las Vegas next week and said she is excited to reconnect with old friends and to meet the many new people who have joined the industry since she left.

“I am looking forward to AEE,” Skye said. “Having been away this past year I'm really looking forward to meeting all the wonderful new people who have found their way into the industry.”