Red Apple Media Unveils Media Commander Streaming Upgrade

SAN DIEGO — Hosting and software provider Red Apple Media has released the latest version of its Media Commander remote streaming content delivery system.

The company said the web-based control panel makes it fast, easy and secure to stream quality video to any computer, browser or mobile device in three simple steps and will transform the way content providers deliver media.

Media Commander allows website owners to publish content with a copy-and-paste format that supports FlowPlayer, JWPlayer, Silverlight and more. Users can upload a video file, copy the code provided, and paste it onto any site for instant embedding.

In addition, with Adaptive Bit Rate streaming — the same technique used by Netflix, YouTube and Amazon — via MS Smooth Streaming, Adobe HDS or Apple HLS protocols, site members can enjoy a superior viewer experience.

“Progressive download is a thing of the past and simply doesn’t cut it for adult videos,” Red Apple Media CEO and co-founder Steven Daris, said. “True streaming through Media Commander allows users to skip to any part of any video for instant playback with no buffering and adjusts the quality according to the connection speed. And by using only bandwidth for the parts of the video watched, rather than delivering the entire file, site owners save bandwidth and save money and have more control over their content.”

Media Commander also provides comprehensive reporting, giving site owners access to live data to monitor downloads, track bandwidth, and analyze popular videos and top users with the ability to drill down a user IP by date and time. And with customizable download settings, site owners can reduce bandwidth costs by fine-grain throttling and limiting the number of concurrent downloads per user or domain.

Upsells are made by setting download rates based on membership levels and encouraging users to upgrade instantly for a better experience.

“Media Commander’s advanced security also lets site owners ensure only valid authorized members can access content, which reduces piracy and prevents link sharing,” Daris said.

Media Commander is compatible with any custom or commercial CMS, including MAS, regardless of the site’s hosting location, and can be integrated and fully automated.

The new version of Media Commander makes its official debut at the upcoming XBIZ 360 event Jan 22-25.

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