WebcamWiz Adds Arabic for White Label Sites

CYPRUS — Webcam site generator WebcamWiz has launched Arabic as an alternative language for its white label sites.

The new language feature is automatically available on all white label sites and the option to use it as a default language is also possible.

The new Arabic language feature will not only enable WebcamWiz affiliates to boost traffic, increase earnings and grow user loyalty, the company says, but it will also give Arabic-speakers access to more sites than ever before.

“Our aim is to provide our affiliates with the best possible tools to bring in new business and, as a result, we constantly add new features and languages to the white label sites generated by WebcamWiz,” a WebcamWiz spokesperson said. “This latest addition to our language offerings will open up new markets for our affiliates, enabling them to expand to more countries internationally. It will also bring in new visitors who were previously unable to enjoy all the benefits of our affiliates’ webcam white label sites.”

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