Melonson, Robert Hill Releasing Ink Partnership, Distro Deal

TUSCON, AZ — Niche producer Melonson Adult Productions has announced an agreement and distribution deal with Robert Hill Releasing.

“While our previous distribution arrangement assisted in allowing our brand to evolve, we have now reached a point where we felt a change was needed in order to keep Melonson Adult among the most relevant production studios in the industry,” Melonson CEO Terry Melonson, said.

He added,“I think our company will mesh well with the corporate culture within Robert Hill Distribution. We look forward to a long-term partnership where each company will benefit from the other’s unique skill set.”

The companies noted that Melonson’s edgy content is not a new frontier for Robert Hill, a distribution company with long standing roots in the fetish community.

“We’ve got similar business models, and we both deal with bizarre content from left field. The only difference… well, one of us comes from the DVD world and the other is Internet-based. If we can both execute in accordance with our individual strengths, this collaboration will work out wonderfully,” Melonson said.

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