Scala Playhouse Adds Drop-Shipping Option for E.U. Countries

Rhett Pardon

ALMERE, The Netherlands — European B2B supplier Scala Playhouse announced today that it has introduced a drop-shipping option.

Drop shipping is a particularly attractive for new and small businesses because orders are dispatched direct to the consumer from the supplier.

Scala Playhouse, which has a wide array of more than 10,000 different products in its lineup, added the service only for E.U.-bound packages.

"With drop shipping you can focus on your core business, generating more customers. Meanwhile Scala Playhouse keeps your stock and handles the shipment," Scala Playhouse said.

"As a drop shipper you benefit from the fact that you don’t need to keep stock, so there is no need for a starter’s capital and you can work from any location, as long as you have Internet access.

"Because of our innovative logistics system we are able to ship your packages easily and very quick."

Additional details can be found here.