MUA Is 1st Adult Product Funded on Kickstarter

Ariana Rodriguez

NEW YORK — Sex toy storage case MUA has become the first adult product on Kickstarter, namely because it is not a pleasure product.

The compartmentalized storage MUA Box was first presented last year at the winter edition of the XBIZ Retreat in Los Angeles.

“I attended last year's Retreat to get feedback on our MUA Box, a pleasure products organizer,” its creator Lidia Bonilla told XBIZ. “We made slight changes to our design and worked out our manufacturing. We were approved as the first adult product on Kickstarter and we were successfully funded! Kickstarter has some pretty puritanical standards and it was a big deal getting approved.”

The achievement on Kickstarter has gained MUA attention in mainstream, including Fast Company and Bonilla, who by day works on regulatory issues in banking, told Fast Company in an interview that the concept for MUA was devised after a personal organizer visited Bonilla’s home and saw her sex toys exposed.

The MUA box includes a travel-friendly case that fits inside a larger lacquered box that includes a charging station for toys.

To view MUA’s Kickstarter, click here.