TROUBLEfilms Holding Studio Fundraising Event

OAKLAND, Calif. — TROUBLEfilms has announced its studio space fundraising event set for Jan. 9 from 8-10 p.m. PST.

The event will showcase performances from QueerPorn.TV performers Maggie Mayhem and Ramses Rodstein, along with the opportunity to win lap dances from queer porn stars like Michelle Austin, Cinnamon Maxxine and Chelsea Poe. Music and projections will be provided by Courtney Trouble, and one-of-a-kind photo prints, DVDs, and on-set props from past shoots will be available for sale to help raise funds.

“This is a major step I’ve been working towards this past year, both financially and logistically. It’s finally a reality,” Trouble said. “For the first time, in all the 12 years I’ve been producing porn and making art my business with QueerPorn.TV and, I will finally have a real studio. It will be a place for screenings, performances, workshops, meetings, salons, play parties, readings, photo shoots, and art receptions... I’m glad TROUBLEfilms will finally have a space that can cultivate a home for queer porn.”

The company said the space will be home for TROUBLEfilms production, as well as sites like QueerPorn.TV and, but will also be open for special events including monthly art house porn screenings, workshops and skill shares, and Oakland queer porn community projects.

Perks start at $1 and are received in the form of Amazon wish list items or Amazon e-gift cards, sent to

There are also perks designed for fans, including a lifetime membership to all TROUBLEfilms pay sites, as well as perks catered towards clients — including discounted advertising on

For more information on the event, click here.